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Corporate Alliances

Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) and the Australian Peak Shippers Association (APSA) are proud to connect our members with exclusive offers from reputable service providers.

As a peak body we have established a network of trusted suppliers from across a range of industries. Many of these suppliers have tailored services for our sector or have offered FTA and APSA members exclusive and discounted arrangements.

We would encourage our members to reach out to these suppliers as key members of the freight and trade sectors.



1-Stop is a globally recognised leader in innovating and delivering integrated solutions to increase productivity for the Port Community. They are committed to working collaboratively with all members of the community to deliver efficiency gains for everyone. -Stop’s objective is to continually improve productivity in the Port Community so that all users benefit from efficiency gains.

Container Chain

Containerchain is a major technology provider for our sector providing business-to-business and web-based software to the shipping industry. More recently Containrechain has launched their LIVE product as a way of significantly increasing the visibility of empty container operations for Freight Forwarders and other logistics service providers.


FTA has established an alliance with Expedient Software utilising their expertise on technology and best practice solutions to meet upcoming reforms affecting the freight logistics and international trade sectors. Expedient have been providing leading Customs and freight forwarding software for the Australian and New Zealand markets for over 20 years. Expedient’s mission is to forge strong relationships with customers, ensuring that the software supports business processes, statutory compliance requirements and maximises operational efficiency.

Vixen Internet

FTA is proud to be able to enhance our service by providing Information, Communications & Technology (ICT) capabilities to our valued subscribers. We have partnered with Vixen Internet Solutions. Maryann Farrugia and her team at Vixen have extensive experience in the freight sector tailoring solutions to meet commercial and operational needs.

WiseTech Global

Our leading product, CargoWise One, provides the most sophisticated and comprehensive end-to-end logistics solution in the world, and forms an integral link in the global supply chain. From single-office businesses to large multinational companies worldwide, our clients are able to improve their visibility, efficiency, quality of service, and profitability by adopting our next-generation technology.

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