Compliant, consistent and cost-effective customs clearance solutions

Monday, May 25, 2015

Providing customs clearance services has never been a simple task – expensive broker wages, a consistently changing regulatory environment, decreasing fee tolerances in the market and an increasing need for regulatory compliance.
With an understanding of the challenges service providers in the logistics industry face when it comes to customs clearance, Compliant Customs has emerged as a unique provider of wholesale customs clearance services, providing a reliable and cost-effective alternative for service providers.
Whether you are an existing corporate customs brokerage and in need of some relief in peak periods or you are currently outsourcing your customs clearance needs but looking for a neutral provider of customs clearance services from a business that is not also a competitor, Compliant Customs can provide a range of customs clearance solutions specifically tailored to your needs. Compliant Customs can be your in-house brokerage, without the headaches that so often come with it!
Compliant Customs was the major sponsor of Customs' Trusted Trader plenary session at the recent AFIF National Conference on the Gold Coast. As seen at the conference, the above YouTube video provides a short summary of Compliant Customs and the services they offer. A more detailed outline of Compliant Customs' service offering can also be found on their or you can contact Managing Director, Clint Latta on 02 9525 9500 at any time, to discuss your needs and how Compliant Customs may be of benefit to your business.