Friday, May 13, 2022

As outlined in a recent media release from the Hon Karen Andrews (Minister for Home Affairs), the Federal Government is ramping up resources to identify those within Australia's supply chain that are complicit in illegal activity.
The Minister has put these criminals on notice following strong results from 'Operation Jardena' and has committed to doubling the number of Australian Border Force (ABF) officers focused on combatting this threat.  

In parallel to Jardena, the ABF and the Australian Federal police are expanding activities associated with 'Operation Centenial', a joint agency taskforce established in 2020 to further harden the nation's sea and aviation supply chains to combat organised criminal operations.
Following the success of our recent Sydney CPD events where detail was provided about Operation Jardena, we are delighted to advise we have an expanded program for Melbourne that will include representation from the AFP.

Australian Federal Police Detective Inspector Julian Bianco is the operational lead for the Centenial Taskforce in Victoria who will join Australian Border Force Actg Superintendents Allister Keel & Jack McGrath from the Jardena Taskforce in a dedicated one hour session at our upcoming CPD events.  
"Protecting supply chains from criminal activity"
• Operations Centenial & Jardena – targeting criminal networks
• Illegal activity within the supply chain - the need for industry partnerships
• Obligations, risks and ethics for licensed customs brokers

This is an important session for all licensed customs brokers, business owners and senior executive of freight forwarding operations to implement supply chain security best practices.
Australian Trusted Trader - advanced border clearance functions
Customs Clearance Practices - FTA's Susan Danks 
Import requirements - Australian Radiation Protection & Nuclear Safety Agency 
Operation Jardena - criminal infiltration in supply chains
Competition Compliance - Russell Wiese, CGT Law
Compliance at Regulated facilities - Andrew Christie Consulting
Biosecurity - dedicated interactive session focused on policy & operational reform
SYDNEY - Friday 6 May 2022
SYDNEY - Saturday 7 May 2022 
MELBOURNE - Friday 20 May 2022 
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MELBOURNE - Saturday 21 May 2022 
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BRISBANE - Wednesday 15 June 2022 
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PERTH - Saturday 25 June 2022 
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