CTAA - ACFS Empty Depot Outage Update #2

Wednesday, November 24, 2021


Yesterday afternoon, CTAA broadcast a message from ACFS Port Logistics informing industry that its Empty Container Depots across Australia had been impacted by a significant systems' outage - see: HERE

ACFS ECPs have been processing import de-hires manually while export releases had ceased.  Naturally, there have been significant truck queues at ACFS depots today, and ACFS is grateful for the industry's patience. 

CTAA has been in contact with ACFS throughout today seeking updates.

This afternoon, ACFS MD Arthur Tzaneros has indicated to CTAA that ECP systems' and the ACFS back-end links are all restored.  Some additional security levels are just in the process of being attached prior to the systems going live again by later this afternoon.

Hopefully this means that the Containerchain system and electronic processing of trucks will be operational again for ACFS ECPs very soon.

We'd expect that ACFS will make further broadcasts on the situation in each port through the Containerchain messaging system.

Arthur Tzaneros has also provided candid comments to Australasian Transport News (ATN) about the broader impacts that the cyber attack has caused, and how the ACFS team has achieved an amazing feat limiting the damage and getting the company's systems resorted in a relatively short timeframe.

Read the ATN article: 


Neil Chambers, Director
Container Transport Alliance Australia (CTAA)
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