Friday, September 10, 2021

Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) wish to advise of an update to the Victorian Government Public Health Orders.  Specifically to the Surveillance Testing Industry List  NO LONGER REQUIRING MANDATORY COVID-19 surveillance testing  25% of Warehousing & Distribution workforce to be tested once per week, with 100% tested every 4 weeks.

The surveillance testing industry list has been updated with a refined definition of warehousing and distribution to include
only those that are food supply related.

Note that all warehouses and distribution centres are still subject to other requirements in the Directions, to provide training and, in metropolitan Melbourne, COVID marshals. 

The latest update to the list refines the scope of surveillance testing to only Melbourne facilities with over 100 workers, with all workers in scope:

  • Supermarket distribution, perishable food chilled distribution
  • Food supply related warehousing and distribution 

Further details can be found on the surveillance testing industry list webpage.

FTA  will continue to keep members up to date on pertinent developments. 

Sal Milici - Head of Border & Biosecurity - FTA / APSA

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