NZ Customs Release 618

Friday, July 16, 2021




Issue61816 July 2021
Completion of outstanding Temporary Import Entries (TIEs)

Over the coming weeks, Service Delivery officers will be reaching out to freight forwarders advising them of all outstanding Temporary Import Entries that were originally submitted by their company.

It's expected that brokers will reply as soon as possible with details on these outstanding entries. 

In some cases, if the completing entry was not submitted correctly, it may appear in our system as outstanding.

In these cases we request the broker advise us of the import/export lodgement number.

Officers will be available to assist with technical issues. We look forward to engaging with the industry to resolve any outstanding entries.

Tariff Concession Notices

A tariff concession removes the tariff duty that would be payable for certain goods.

Tariff Concession Advertisement and Approval Notice 26 and 27 is now available.

Intellectual Property Rights

We have also updated the trademark and copyright notices accepted by Customs.

For more information on IPRs, email


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