Fremantle Ports - Big increase in breakbulk imports to Victoria Quay

Friday, March 26, 2021


25 March 2021

Cars, caravans, campervans, trailers, boats and machinery ...

There's a lot of breakbulk trade being imported to Victoria Quay at the moment (and we've had to close Peter Hughes Drive* to accommodate it).

In the next 14 days, the Fremantle Inner Harbour will be seeing six ro-ro (roll-on, roll-off) ships carrying new motor vehicles from overseas, secondhand motor vehicles from the eastern states, machinery, iron and steel products and the 'big toys'.

Western Australians are ordering what they need for their next camping or boating holiday.

For the first eight months of the financial year (July 2020-February 2021), compared to the same time the previous financial year, breakbulk imports in the Inner Harbour have increased 34%.

Agricultural and industrial vehicle imports are also up over 26%, other transport equipment imports are up 38%, and iron and steel product imports are up about 41%, all a good sign for the economy.

The eastern end of Victoria Quay has the heavy-duty berths to facilitate this trade.

Passenger and industrial vehicle imports, iron and steel product imports, and imports of recreational equipment, such as caravans, trailers, boats and motorbikes, are all up.