Friday, September 3, 2021
Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) wish to advise of an update to the Victorian Government Public Health Orders.  Specifically to the Surveillance Testing Industry List  requiring MANDATORY COVID-19 surveillance testing of Warehousing & Distribution workforce

These measures have been in place for some time in settings deemed high risk (abattoirs and meat processing, poultry processing, seafood processing, supermarket distribution centres and temperature controlled perishable food distribution centres)

However this has now been expanded to apply to ALL Warehousing and distribution located in Melbourne.  25% of the workforce to be tested once per week, with 100% tested every 4 weeks.

We have received reports that some being tested under this regime have been advised at the testing location to immediately go home and self isolate.  This is not correct - Those tested under surveillance testing do NOT need to isolate after testing . 

FTA through our partners at Container Transport Alliance Australia has sought clarification from Freight Victoria and Department of Health of the following :

  • Who to count among warehouse staff ?
  • Is it just the workers on the floor of the warehouse or;
  • Does it include administration staff? 
  • Are drivers coming and going from the warehouse counted?

FTA  will continue to keep members up to date on pertinent developments.  

Sal Milici - Head of Border & Biosecurity - FTA / APSA

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