The Loadstar - Australian shipping operations – theyve never been in a worse state

Friday, December 4, 2020


According to the Freight & Trade Alliance (F&TA), a trade imbalance resulting in a huge surplus of empty containers and a lack of storage areas to keep them in is still the main issue clogging supply chains.

"The extent of the container imbalance is estimated to be 75,000 teu currently sitting in empty-container parks and transport operator yards throughout Sydney," said F&TA director Paul Zalai.

He said there were two main problems preventing the evacuation of empty equipment: the capped exchanges imposed on carriers at east cost terminals; and the carriers' inability to charter enough sweeper vessels, given the higher global container shipping demand and vessel utilisation rates.

"The bottom line from transport operators is that, without any significant and immediate relief, the glut of empty containers will move Sydney's container logistics from the current state of congestion to one of gridlock," added Mr Zalai.