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Training Solutions for the Logistics Sector


Management Consulting International (MCI) was established in 2004 and has forged an outstanding reputation for delivering practical and creative teaching that can be tailored to suit individual clients or groups. MCI’s corporate programs are built on four pillars of knowledge for business covering leadership and management, the customer experience, innovation and education.

The logistics sector is facing a period of significant change with a number of emerging trends including:

  • border security
  • globalisation of trade
  • international shipping
  • domestic logistics
  • automation
  • offshoring

MCI have worked closely with FTA to identify a range of key training initiatives that will assist the sector during this transformational change. The initial programs include:

  • Skills for a Changing Environment
  • Women in Logistics
  • Future Leaders

The management skills covered in these programs draw from MCI’s four pillars and provide the skills for both the individual and their teams to better adapt and respond to change.

Please contact MCI on 1300 768 550 or email to learn more about your areas of interest.


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